Terms of Use: CDM Library

CDM Library (referred to as "this product") is a project file (.zprj) that can be used in CLO and Marvelous Designer software. The file is optimized for use with the standard avatar (v2) of CLO7.1.

This product is a collection of pattern papers created and supervised by Keisuke Nagami, author of "CLO: DIGITAL MODELISM," and Chama, a pattern maker. It can be used for commercial purposes and can be used for learning software, creating actual garments, or as material for 3D images.

Before using this product, please carefully read and understand the following terms and conditions. By purchasing this product, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. These Terms of Use may be revised at any time by Keisuke Nagami and Chama, and the distributor, BNN Inc.

● Restrictions on Use
The copyright of this product belongs to Keisuke Nagami and Chama. The purchaser is granted a temporary right to use the data, but does not acquire ownership of the product. Sharing, transferring, reselling, distributing the project data on servers, or including it in books, PDFs, etc. is prohibited.

● Commercial Use
This product can be used for creating 3D models, clothing, games, graphics, videos, etc. for personal or commercial use. If you want to sell pattern data (CAD, vector data such as Illustrator, images) or .zprj file made from or including this product to the general public, please contact "".

● Disclaimer
No support is provided for using this product or operating the software. The company will not be held responsible for any damage (including damage to your computer or network, direct or indirect) or repair costs incurred as a result of using this product.

● Q&A
Q1: Can I make and sell cloth clothing based on these patterns?
A1: Yes, you can. Regardless of whether any alterations are made.
Q2: Can I use this pattern for client work as an industrial pattern?
A2: Yes, you can. However, it is prohibited to sell or provide the pattern to an undefined number of people.
Q3: Can I purchase the data and ask a third party to create a 3D model for me?
A3. Yes, as long as the use complies with these terms and conditions.
Q4: Can I modify only the sleeve shape and sell it as pattern data?
A4: In principle, no.
Q5: Can I create new design data based on this product and register and sell it on CLO-SET?
A5. Yes, as long as the pattern data is modified so that no similarity is recognized.
Q6. Is it possible to share screens or distribute videos of the production process using this product?
A6. Yes, it is.